How No Sweat KoolBiz Dress Shirts were born.

Hello, I'm Chris McMillan the founder of No Sweat Dress Shirts . Here's my story on how No Sweat KoolBiz dress shirts were indroduced into the market. In December 2013 I had just came back to Australia after being 20 years living in Japan. Iv'e always been a sweater but never really had to wear dress shirts or suits all my life for work. My jobs have always been "The Causal Look"

It's the middle of summer in Australia, 40°C and I'm off to a business meeting and had to wear a suit. OH No!!!!

I sweat a lot and just can't wear normal cotton dress shirts because of the unsightly perspiration that would be coming out of me and soaking into the shirt. I decided to wear a moisture wicking polo Adidas shirt under my suit jacket to absorb the sweat. I just didn't take my jacket off because of all the logos beneath.

Well after the meeting I thought to myself next time I go to a meeting in a suit I'm going to wear a moisture wicking long sleeve dress type shirt. Well Do you think I could find one on the internet? From anywhere in the world? I looked and looked, Nothing... I thought to myself..., What a great product to bring to the market. No one is making them. From that day onwards Iv'e been developing the perfect shirt to deal with the sweat and still have the nice look of a dress or business shirt.

I have always liked quality but being in Japan for so long I understood the importance of a quality product. Everything the Japanese make is quality. So the first things this shirt had to be is quality and performance. It had to work!

It's taken 18 months of researching, testing fabric, samples for performance, wash n wear, stains and now we have the perfect Non Sweat, Non Iron/Wrinkle, Non Stain, Non Smell Non Shrink Dress/Business shirt on the market.

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