Q. Do you have Short Sleeve Shirts?

A. At this stage we don't make short sleeve shirts. Our Special KoolBiz Fabric made into a long sleeve shirt you will feel cooler than a short sleeve. Our fabric is very light, soft and doesn't allow the sun to shine on the bare skin. Our KoolBiz Fabric draws the moisture to the surface to be evaporated. We think you will be amazed when you try our shirt in the hot sun how cool you are.
But we still may make a short sleeve shirt in the future for people who just love that short sleeve look.

Q. Washing and Stain Removal?

A. Machine or hand wash in cold water. NEVER DRY-CLEAN OR USE BLEACHES. 
There are two wonderful products for getting out stains. They are both made in Australia and are not expensive. Lectric Washing Soda and Exit Soap.
Using Lectric washing soda, rub a little on the stain with warm water a some in the wash with your normal washing powder. It's not expensive so make sure you use a generous amount in with the wash.
Using Exit Soap you dip the stick of soap in warm water and rub it on the stain. Exit soap is small and can be carried with you in the car or hand bag. It's alway good to attack the stains as soon as they happen for best results. 
Go to their sites for full explanation. 


www. exitsoap.com.au


We have tested a lot with stains on our clothing and if you get the stain out quickly they come out very nice. But we tested with many types of stains (coffee, sauce for example) and left them on the shirt for a day or two. Stains were harder to get out and needed a lot more rubbing with the above products. We also tested our with soaking them over night in Lectric after we rubbed the stain with very good results.


Q. Tumble Dryer & Ironing

A. Do Not Tumble Dry. You can do a cool iron on the collar and cuffs if you like. BUT really there is no need to iron. As soon as you take the garments out of the washing machine they are touch dry and wrinkle free. Hang them out for a short time and they will be ready to wear shortly. You can even start to wear them straight out of the washing machine if you have to.


Q. Your KoolBiz shirts have no front pocket, Why?

A. At this stage we are marketing a shirt you can wear for Business and Casual. This is our KoolBiz range. Instead of buying two types of shirts, the No Sweat KoolBiz range you can wear the shirt to work tucked in and after work throw some Jeans on with the same type shirt untucked and hit the town. We think a front pocket looks too old school and how many people really use that front pocket? We have made our shirt very smooth and seamless looking. 


Q. Shipping Times and Prices? (World Wide Free Shipping)

A. Australian customers will take 3 to 5 business days and has free shipping regardless of the amount ordered. 
International customers will take about 6 to10 business days depending on the country and has free shipping regardless of the amount of products ordered. All orders will have to be signed for on delivery.


Q. How about Returns?

A. Here at Getsy.com we understand the importance of customers and that every customer is different.
So that is why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Maybe you have the wrong size or you just don't suit this product. Don't Sweat....
Just send an email with your name, address, order # and instructions on what the problem was and what you would like done. 
We will get back to you very soon.  As soon as we receive the product back we will do the refund or send out the new product. Please Pack up the product to the same as it was and send it to Po.Box 7242 SouthPort Park GoldCoast 4215 Queensland Australia.
Before you send it back please send us an email ( nosweat@getsy.com ) with your name, the order number and a short message about the return.
We have taken a lot of time developing our products, tried and tested over a long period to give the highest quality feel and the customer confidence in their purchase. We want 100% customer satisfaction.
(Word of mouth is a great marketing tool)
With the main features being a Business / Dress shirt you can wear for both occasions. No sweat shirts, no iron shirts, wrinkle free shirts, no smell shirts, no stain, no shrink shirts, Quick dry shirts and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee we feel the word will get around fast.